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The future of interventions is electric, digital and autonomous


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Automated interventions are more effective

Make your intervention equipment more efficient, providing better consistency, improved predictability, tightly integrated with digital workflows.

Are you looking for next-generation wireline or coiled tubing operations, that are highly automated, remote control enabled, prepared for integration with digital workflows? Equipment that can run in and out of the well based on executable conveyance plans? Looking for ways to enter the journey towards full autonomy? Contact Stimline to learn how we can deliver new equipment or turn your existing equipment to meet the requirements of tomorrow.


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Make sure your well intervention operations stay relevant by having the right tools at hand

Digitalization and automation are changing well interventions at a rapid pace. Rig site equipment must be adapted to the new way of working so they are completely integrated into borderless digital workflows.

In some cases, existing equipment can be upgraded with new automation systems that are able to provide digital integrations, in other cases wireline units will be beyond salvation and new, digital-ready equipment must be built.

Automation  Wireline  Coiled Tubing  

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Make your intervention operations safer, more effective and predictive with automation, electrification, digitalization.


An eco-system of automation and digitalization, elevating intervention equipment into the digital sphere

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Simplify your wireline operations by coupling automation and trusted mechanical components.

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Coiled Tubing

Simplify your wireline operations by coupling automation and trusted mechanical components.

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Innovative Concepts For New Ways Of Working

Stimline continues to be a preferred partner when innovation and conceptual thinking is required to meet the future. With energy companies, we have studied the outer boundaries of how intervention operations can be performed without any person on board, optimization of well intervention vessel deck layouts, immersive environments to remote operation of intervention equipment, and more.

Please contact Stimline Products to find out what we innovate together.


Partner with Propell

Stimline is a close partner with Propell, providing user interfaces, control systems, advanced automation and digitalization technology, electrical drive system technology to Propell’s line of completions and intervention equipment.

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